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Aiptek AN100

Mini Projector and Pocket-Computer at once

Smart stand ideal for MobileCinema i70


  • Designed for smart devices such as phones and tablets
  • Ideal for the Aiptek MobileCinema i70

  • Compact, durable and sturdy construction

  • Effortless installation on all types of flat surfaces

  • Due to a powerful magnet, the i70 stays in place securely
  • 360° swivel ball-mount system allows for angle adjustment, delivering the best view

  • Non-marring adhesive base safeguards damage to surfaces during removal


The Smart Stand offers flexible application possibilities because it is not only ideal for the MobileCinemai70 pico projector but also for mobile devices like smartphones or tablets (up to 900g). One of the supplied metal plates is attached to the desired device and therefore a secure connection between the device and the magnetic surface of the stand is created. 

+ Specifications

  • Material: Plastic + Magnet

  • Dimension: 82x75x130mm

  • Weight: 90g

  • Color: Black

  • Device Weight Supported: Max. 900g

  • Accessary: Metal Plate x 2 (angular 45x65mm, round 40x40mm)

  • Art No: 43-400-0061

  • Dimension giftbox: 90 x 81.5 x 146mm

  • Weight giftbox 148g

+ Package Content

            • Smart Stand
            • 2 Metal Plate (angular 45x65mm, round 40x40mm)
            • The standard version of the MobileCinemai70 does NOT include the Smart Stand


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